We offer all types of driving courses for people from all walks of life whether you have a Provisional Driving License or a Full Driving License.

If you are new to driving and want to take driving lessons you must be 17 years old and have a valid and signed UK Provisional Driving License.

If you have passed your driving in the UK or abroad and wish to choose one of our Full License Holder courses you must have a valid and signed UK or International driving license.

Whether you are a Provisional Driving License holder or a Full Driving License holder please bring your driving license, comfortable footwear and glasses or contact lenses if you use them on your initial driving lesson.


Provisional License Holders

Beginner or Partly Trained

This course is designed for people who want to learn to drive and have little or no experience of driving.


If you are a complete beginner and have not had lessons before we will start from the very beginning of the driving syllabus.

As your experience and confidence grows through each lesson we will work through each subject until you are completely ready for your driving test. 


If you have previously had some lessons or have been taking driving lessons and had quite a big gap in your driving career we will not need to start at the very beginning of the syllabus.


On our initial meeting we will build up a background picture of your knowledge and experience and start your driving career from where you are naturally suited to.

Whether you are a complete beginner or partly trained we will give you all the  help you need to have a successful driving career.

Intensive Courses

This course is for learners who want to take more than one lesson a week and want to pass their driving test as quick as possible.

Theory Training

To be able to apply for your practical driving test learners must first have passed their theory test. The theory test comprises ofa multiple choice test and a hazard perception test. To pass the driving theory test you must pass both parts together, if you pass one part of the test but do not pass the other part then you will have to take the test again. 


The best way to prepare for your theory test is to learn your theory whilst you are taking your practical driving lessons and combine them together. This way you will ensure that you will get the maximum benefit from your driving lessons and you will understand the theory side of driving  as well.                                                                                         

Training can be offered to learner drivers who are getting ready to take their theory test if they wish. We can also help you with choosing the correct materials to study for your test and help you with   booking your theory and practical driving test.

Pre-Test Lessons

Before your practical driving test we will ensure that you meet all the requirements for the test.

Full License Holders

Pass Plus

We offer a Pass Plus course which is a practical training course which takes at least 6 hours to complete and is for drivers who have passed their driving test.

The pass plus course is designed tohelp new and existing drivers in improving their driving skills, drive more safely and can also help reduce their insurance costs.


The pass plus course can be taken by any driver at any time within their driving career although it is more useful to new drivers in the year after passing their driving test.

Motorway Lessons

Designed for drivers who have just passed their driving test or experienced drivers who have been driving for a while and need to brush up on their motorway skills.


Choose the amount of lessons you need but the ideal requirement is four hours tuition. Subjects covered will be safe use of slip roads and exit roads, lane discipline and changing lanes, clearance from other vehicles, overtaking, joining and leaving the hard shoulder, speed limits, reading road signs and road markings etc

New Drivers to the UK

Drivers who have been living or driving abroad can sometimes find it difficult to adjust to the UK roads and rules especially with:


  • Driving on the right hand side of the road.

  • Road positioning.

  • Dealing withcontrolled and uncontrolled crossings.

  • How to approach junctions and roundabouts.

  • Understanding the road signs and road markings.   


This course is designed for people who have moved to the UK and wish to obtain a UK driving license whether you have any previous driving experience or not.


If you have been driving abroad and know how to drive you will not necessarily have to start at the very beginning like a new learner but will have to adjust and learn how to drive within the UK.


We can also help you to re-adjust to driving in the UK if you have passed the UK driving test but have been living and driving abroad and need a few lessons to help you re-adjust.

Refresher Lessons

This is for drivers who have passed their driving test and have had a gap in their driving career. If you don't feel confident enough to get back onto the road because you haven't driven regularly we can help.


This course can also help those who don't drive regularly but now have to commute regularly and need some help boosting their confidence.

Driver Developement For Job Assessment

Have you applied for a job which requires a driving assessment if so we can help. We offer as many lessons as you need to help improve your driving in time for your assessment.

Reverse Manoeuvers

If you find it difficult to do any reverse manoeuvres such as reverse parking behind a vehicle or bay parking at a car park we offer lessons which can help you master the manoeuvres in next to no time.


This course can be especially helpful if you haven't been taught how to do the reverse park or parking bay manoeuvres or you simply need to improve your skills.